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Who are we?

The densification of urban centres favours the planning of new complex neighbourhoods that require a daily presence and maintenance.

An ideal partner to take on the full management of a building or collection of buildings, Facilitim supports the various stakeholders through all the stages of implementing a project, right from the neighbourhood design stage. It already offers its services during construction, oversees the transition to exploitation of the site and finally, once the project has been completed, Facilitim maintains an onsite presence by making itself available to the residents and managing the logistics involved in the activities that take place there (administrative, general and operational management). A true focal point of contact for aspects of the operational management of the site, Facilitim offers additional bespoke services such as eco-management, personal services or even a Service Centre.

DBS Group

A subsidiary of Foncia Groupe, DBS Group represents the benchmark for property services in French-speaking Switzerland and boasts a significant development in German-speaking Switzerland. A global property player, DBS Group offers management services, condominium administration, property sales, investment, commercial property, arranging promotions, valuation, exceptional properties, architecture and refurbishment, neighbourhood management and brokerage for bank loans and insurance cover.

Headed by Christophe Hubschmid as CEO, DBS Group, which employs around 600 people, has about thirty agencies and represents 10 brands throughout Switzerland with DBS Group, Domicim, Brolliet, Duc-Sarrasin, Guinnard Immobilier & Tourisme SA, Batiline, Facilitim and Immosure and Bruchez & Gaillard SA in French-speaking Switzerland and the GRIBI brand in German-speaking Switzerland.

DBS Group offers its clients both a human and local presence with its strong brand names recognised throughout the various cantons, together with the power of a group with nationwide coverage. By offering all the property professions under one roof and drawing on its digitization strategy, the staff at DBS Group are working every day to redefine neighbourhood real estate.