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Operation of the neighbourhood

The operation of the neighbourhood involves managing it on a daily basis and acting as the sole on-site contact point. Neighbourhood management involves:

General management of the neighbourhood:

  • On-site presence at set times
  • Constant interaction between the users or residents of the neighbourhood
  • General surveillance of the neighbourhood
  • Managing communication within the neighbourhood
  • Updating the regulations and guidelines
  • Checking the quality of the services
  • Acting as interface in the event of an emergency (fire brigade, etc.)
  • Annual reviews

Operational management of the neighbourhood

  • Coordinating all of the interventions within the neighbourhood
  • Managing contractors 
  • Maintaining outside communal areas
  • Waste management
  • Technical and infrastructure maintenance
  • Winter service
  • Managing car parks, including parking control

Additional Option

In complex neighbourhoods, Facilitim offers an optional service that consists in administration and accounts management for a community of owners in the same neighbourhood.

Our various offers:

  • Administration of communal parts of the condominium
  • Setting an annual budget
  • Keeping accounts
  • Compiling a management report
  • Arranging and holding an annual general meeting
  • Apportioning the charges and invoicing the co-owners
  • Year-end accounts

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