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The role of a caretaker is not limited to cleaning the building. The link between the residents, property agent, owners, breakdown services and neighbourhood management, it constitutes a reference point in the daily life of the building.

Some management bodies entrust their maintenance services and buildings to caretaking companies, others chose to focus on a designated caretaker.

This commissioning of maintenance fulfils an essential social function. The link between the residents and the management, it is the key witness of logistical malfunctions, stewardship or even neighbourhood problems. The caretaker plays a crucial role of custodian and controller of the building. If an intervention is required, it is he who receives the technicians. He may also carry out minor repairs himself. Finally, when he is present, there are fewer incivilities and greater respect is afforded to the building and neighbourhood.

Facilitim offers bespoke caretaking solutions, depending on the level of service required by the owner for his building.
The caretaker forms part of a team of stewards who maintain the communal areas of the buildings, as well as the outside communal spaces.

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